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Do you feel that? The sensation deep inside that says,
“I can be more. I can be better.”

Are you ready to tackle the blocks holding you back from being the “real” you, the Love Incarnate you?

Designed for those who want regular healing

Life gets busy, you get distracted and don’t set up that appointment for the healing you want. Now you can have a regular healing session with minimal effort.

I work with my Healing Facilitation Team and Your Healing Team

We have spiritual helpers for every area of our lives. I work with my team who gives me guidance in what to balance in you. Your Healing Team works with them. It’s a joint effort!

Incorporates a variety of healing modalities

My primary healing modalities are BodyTalk, Encodements, Soul Healing and PSYCH-K. Since I’m working with my Healing Facilitation Team they will often show me a different healing technique just for you!

Simple “set it and forget it” process

You fill out the form once. I send you an email a few days before your session for your intentions. I do the healing session and send you the report by email. Easy!

Very easy to let me know your intentions

The “intentions” email before the session allows you to let me know what you would like your Healing Team to focus on for this session. Your intention can change session-by-session or you can focus on one area of your life.

Removing the layers of wounds hiding Your Power and Your Joy

The pain from the wounds of life can hide the Joy which is within you. They can throw you into victim mode and hide your personal power to change your life.


Why you need regular healing experiences…

It took years for me to accept this simple yet profound truth
I want to share something with you which has taken me years to learn.
You delay your expansion and personal growth when you only participate in healing when you’re in the midst of a crisis.
This is why…

Healing occurs in layers because wounding occurs in layers.

The emotions from similar wounds build upon each other just as you build walls one brick at a time.

Your “wound wall” separates you from people and the wonders of life in ways you never desired.

With regular healing you remove those layers and weaken those walls separating you from the joy of life.

When you engage in healing only when in crisis, you may only heal the presenting problem, not the source of the pain.

Do you know: “You don’t know what you don’t know?”

Regular healing uncovers areas of your life you didn’t know were limiting your Joy.

When you participate in consistent healing sessions you will discover feeling lighter and freer and not know exactly what was healed.

You don’t need to know what was healed. You only need to allow the healing.

As you deepen your healing you will prevent being thrown off-balance when a crisis occurs.

You will remain centered and grounded and be able to handle the difficulties which occur during the ups and downs of life.

The more deeply you have healed the more you will be able to stand firm when a loved one dies or becomes ill, when there is a relationship problem, or an unexpected painful event.


These are the “normal” crises of life which we have to manage at some point.

Are you ready, are you willing, to commit yourself to this kind of adventure?

Imagine what your life would be like in 12 months if you made a commitment to monthly personal healing sessions.

What is it you most want to change in your life? That could be the intention for your healing sessions.

Dr Cathy Chapman

Who Am I to Help You?

My name is Dr Cathy Chapman.

My passion is empowering people to be the amazing people they were created to be.

My doctorate is in Mind-Body Psychology. I’ve been a practitioner of Mind-Body Psychology using Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy for 20 years.

I’ve been using Healing Prayer since 1984, much longer than 20 years. I was in the convent as a Dominican Sister for 20 years. During that time I began praying with my clients for their healing. I found those who allowed me to prayer with and for them made greater progress than those who choose not to engage in prayer.

In following my passion I strive to find more powerful and faster ways for people to heal.

Although I had used Distance Healing occasionally in my practice the last 20 years, since I’ve moved to Sedona AZ that is my primary form of working with others in their healing journey.

With Distance Healing you don’t have to rearrange your schedule, come to my office, take time for travel or stress about the when and where.

Through Distance Healing you don’t have to rearrange your schedule, come to my office, take time for travel or stress about the when and where.

Distance Healing is ideal for anyone who has a busy schedule or can’t get to a practitioner’s office.

I invite you to join me for your own personal healing.


Let me discuss the primary modalities I use in the healing sessions.

The Body Talk System

Years ago a friend of mine kept pestering me to take a class in a healing modality she had recently discovered… BodyTalk.

I resisted mightily in taking these classes as I was very satisfied with the healing work I was doing using Healing Touch and hypnotherapy.

My friend persisted and finally offered me a session.

The experience I had was so amazing and transformative I had to take the class.

BodyTalk is not the easiest modality to learn, especially if you want to delve in deeply.

There is a great deal of left brain knowledge to assimilate including basic anatomy and physiology, consciousness, the energy field including meridians, and much more.

BodyTalk is all about balancing your Mind – Body so that you can heal on all levels.

As in any healing modality, which technically should be called a “balancing modality,” once the body is in balance its innate wisdom assists in bringing healing in remarkable ways.

I’m going to list a few of the results clients have told me about… These, of course, are some of the more remarkable ones because they stand out in my mind.

  • A three-year-old who had never spoken began to talk, almost nonstop. What was remarkable about this was the family had neglected to tell me that she had never spoken. I was balancing each family individually to help them adjust to the severe multiple sclerosis in the 14-year-old son. The next session Mom and the siblings were laughing about what a chatter box the little one now was.
  • A five-year-old was referred to me by his tutor. He was severely ADHD, could not recognize his own name, could not recognize rhyming sounds, and had other learning disabilities. After about six sessions he was participating in class and learning. His grandfather said to his daughter, the mother of the youngster, “Maybe the doctor is making him too calm.” The changes were so profound that his mother told me she had to get to know a whole new child.
  • A student who was a pitcher on his college team was able to return to playing ball much more rapidly due to the balancing of Body Talk. In addition, he was now able to focus on his studies when his inability to focus had resulted in him failing a course.
  • After just a few sessions a woman addicted to alcohol no longer had a desire to drink. Only after the success she revealed to me that I was her last hope. She had already decided if I could not help her she would commit suicide. (Unfortunately it is not always this easy and working with addicts.)
  • Periodontal disease disappearing. I’ve had tremendous success in using BodyTalk for problems with the gums. One woman, who received her dental care from the local dental school, amazed the supervising dentist when the dentist took new measurements of her gums. The dentist told her that if she had not done the original measurements she would have said her student had made the first measurements incorrectly. The gums not only quit receding, they came back to their healthy position. The dentist said this does not happen.
  • Hundreds of experiences of infections being resolved quickly, including stubborn infections.
  • A high heart rate returning to normal. This young woman’s heart rate was 90+ a minute. She had tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical tests done only to be told that 90+ must be her normal heart rate. Her heart rate returned to normal range within three sessions and has remained at the healthy steady rate for 10 years.
  • Balancing resulting in healing of numerous difficulties in animals.
BodyTalk is something I use regularly with myself and my two dogs. If I feel like I’m coming down with an infection, I do BodyTalk and I am almost always better within 24 hours. The same is true for my dogs, Frick and Frack.


Everything you do is based upon a belief. You make decisions about every aspect of your life based upon beliefs held deep in your subconsciou mind. Some of these beliefs get you exactly what you want and others thwart every effort you have to succeed in life.

Balancing beliefs can change your life quickly and easily. Let me give you an example I’ve seen frequently which began in childhood.

If deep in your subconscious mind is the belief, “I have to be sick to receive nurturing,” you are going to find yourself getting sick when you are in need of emotional connection. As you can imagine, this belief can interfere with your life when you get sick often and at times you are feeling your worst emotionally.

Changing that limiting belief to the supportive belief of, “I receive nurturing when I’m healthy,” can change your pattern of illness. In fact, not only will you be ill less often, you will discover you can receiving nurturing when you are healthy, which is much more fun.

Often beliefs can interfere with balancing your body so you can heal. When I’m doing a distance healing session I go back and forth between BodyTalk and PSYCH-K. As I’m doing the BodyTalk session I may be directed by what we call innate wisdom to balance a belief. For instance, it may be much more important for you to receive nurturing than for you to be physically healthy.

Once that belief is balanced so that you can receive nurturing when healthy I am able to go to an much deeper level in BodyTalk. This allows me to balance your body in such a way you can by physically and emotionally healthy.


People familiar with the human energy field have heard of the seven main chakras, the seven layers of the aura and the 12 major meridians.
There is a very important part of the energy field few people know about. That’s your Encodements.

Encodements are the tiniest elements of your energy system. They make up everything within you, whether it’s your physical or energy body. They are the energy building blocks of everything you see around you. They even make up things you don’t see such as beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Just as your physical body can be thrown off balance so can your energy body and your Encodements. In the Personalized Distance Healing I work with the Encodement Technicians as I’m doing the healing work. In fact, I work with all members of your Healing Team. They make the adjustments in your Encodement System as I am facilitating your healing session.

Healing occurs on a deeper level and much faster than before I worked with them.

Other Healing Modalities

I have learned a number of healing modalities over the years. When indicated by Spirit I will incorporate these healing modalities in your Personalized Distance Healing.
  • Healing Touch
  • Pranic Healing
  • The Melchizedek Method
  • Reiki
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Tapping into the Akashic Records
  • Other Intuitive work as directed by Spirit

The Healing Process

You may wonder what process I use to facilitate the healing session with you at a distance.
The priority is for me to be centered and grounded within myself, to be connected to Spirit as I work with you and, of course, to be connected to you. I have a certain ritual I follow.

1. I read the information you send me.
2. I connect with you from my heart to your heart.
3. I bring you into my healing chamber which is a room in the sacred space in the back of my Heart Center.
4. I connect my Healing Facilitator Team with your Healing Team.
5. I begin with Body Talk and use muscle testing to navigate through the protocol or to confirm my intuition.
6. I type notes into an email as I go along. I describe in detail any of the new and unusual healing techniques I am guided to use with you.
7. I send you the email.

Those are the steps I follow when doing a distance session. Of course, the “magic” occurs in Step 5.

Now is a Great Time to Make a Monthly Commitment to Your Healing

Now is always an excellent time to begin healing. That way you don’t put it off.

All you need to do is click the button below and sign up for the program. Once you register you won’t have to remember anything else.

You won’t have to remember to pay me because I will charge your credit card every month. Don’t worry. You can cancel at any time, even after only one session.

You don’t have to remember when your healing session will be. I will send you an email a few days before your session asking you to list any intentions. If you don’t have any specific intentions, or don’t get around to sending me the email, I tap into your energy and facilitate the healing session as dictated by Spirit.

You’ll get a detailed report by email after I finish the session. I’ll let you know everything I did and give you any messages I receive.

Just click the link below. If you want more than one session a month all you have to do is change the quantity on the order form.

What Others Have Experienced

My husband said his knee is feeling considerably better. He can now walk without as much discomfort. He is standing up straight again and his complexion is brighter and the painful expression has left his face. His shoulder is quite a bit better – with just a little discomfort depending on what he does and his fingers are more normal – just a bit of discolor and stiffness.

Annie BRockwood, Ontario, Canada

I have witnessed tremendous healing when working with Cathy Chapman PhD. Her techniques are simple but powerful. She has helped me clear toxins from my physical body and remove harmful thoughts from my belief system. I laugh when I find myself embracing people, activities, and ideas unavailable to me before working with Cathy. I do not understand the physics behind her techniques but I trust her completely and thank God that I found a “guide” who is completely rooted in love.

Karen EFt. Wright, KY

If you make this commitment
I want to support you by giving you more tools.

When you make a commitment to healing “stuff” starts coming up which can be uncomfortable.

Do not despair! It is a sign of deeper healing.

I think your Soul Self applauds your journey into deeper healing and supports you by saying, “Let’s heal this… Now this… How about this…” I know from personal experience that “this” can become overwhelming at times.

To support you during those times I’m going to give you access to three of my favorite healing tools you can use every day if you wish.

Healing Over Time is guided imagery experience. You begin with a feeling, pattern of behavior or physical problem. I gently direct you back in time to the source of the issue. You are then guided through a powerful healing experience.

I want to share with you one of my own personal experiences which resulted in changes so dramatic my best friend was left with her mouth hanging open.

I’ve always had difficulty being in a group where I didn’t have a role. I was chatting with my friend about this. She told me I always looked angry. I wasn’t angry. I was terrified. I put on the Healing Over Time CD and was guided back to something which happened when I was about 18 months old.

When I saw the incident with adult eyes, it didn’t seem like much, but to a toddler it was huge. It resulted in the terror I experienced when I was in groups of people I didn’t know, or didn’t know well.

My friend was astounded because she saw me interacting with a group of folks in ways I hadn’t before. I was relaxed and had fun. “All” I did was allow myself to be guided through this 10 minute experience.

Healing of Memories is an inner healing guided imagery which begins with conception and takes you through your life. There is deep healing at each stage of life. Since it is a general healing experience there will be situations which do not apply to you. This experience is about 45 minutes. Repeat often for healing those layers.

Each time you listen you will heal a new layer. You will experience greater freedom and Joy.

Soul Healing is a 5-Step Healing Prayer which you are well-aware of if you’ve been in my Encodement Intensives. Some people have said they prefer having me guide them through the prayer rather than doing it themselves. This recording allows me to be everywhere at once! If you’ve never used the prayer, it takes less than a minute. Once you learn the 5-Steps you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I sign up someone else?

I’m assuming a family member… yes, as long as you have their permission.

May I sign up for more than one?

Yes, you may sign up for up to four a month if you wish.

How do I pay for this?

At this time you may pay by credit card. I can do a “set it and forget it” payment process for each month.

Your credit card is charged automatically. That way I don’t have to keep track of the details and you receive your healing session each month.

Could I sign up my family or me and my partner for a “group” session?

Good question. I hadn’t thought of this until you asked. Yes, you may sign up for a “group” session of two or more people. In this case I would tap into the group energy and follow Spirit as to what to balance for healing. Yes, you can send intentions. Just know that your intentions to change someone in a specific way won’t be honored. They need to ask for the changes. You may ask for greater peace and healing for someone. That is always part of the healing session, but you might feel better writing it down.

May I cancel at anytime?

Yep, just email me to let me know. You will need to cancel before I do the next session. Once I do the session, you will need to honor that energy exchange.

What will I receive?

You will receive one individualized distance healing session per month plus access to the three audios mentioned above (Healing Over Time, Healing of Memories, Soul Healing).

May I pay by check?

Only if you wish to pay for at least three sessions at one time.

What if I only want one session?

An individual session is always available and not a part of this program. Just email me and we’ll schedule a time.

What Happens If You Don’t Take Advantage of This Offer?

Well, nothing happens. You stay just as you are, continuing to do just what you do.

Is that what you want?

Wouldn’t you rather feel lighter, happier and have improved health?

Would you like to join the hundreds who have greatly benefited from Individual Distance Healing sessions?
I would love (yes, love as this is my passion) to share this wonderful experience with you.

Simply click the button below to order. Please have your credit card ready. You will be setting up a subscription in which you will be giving me an energy exchange of $85 per month per Individual Distance Healing Session.

You may cancel at any time before your next healing session.

The email I send a few days before your next healing session, will be your reminder your credit card will soon be charged.

The number of sessions I can do are limited because of the limitations of time. Register now.

To your health and healing!
Dr Cathy

P.S. Although there is no current time limit on this offer, there is a limit to how many sessions I can do each week.

© 2019 Cathy Chapman